We can’t live without commercial outdoor lighting. It is nearly impossible to imagine walking past a long line of dark business establishments at night. Commercial lighting is very much a part of our lives. If you own a business, you should consider getting only the best kind of lighting. There are however, a couple of points that you should know about commercial lighting.

Outdoor Lighting is Useful

Outdoor lighting for commercial purposes is a necessity. One of its major uses has everything to do with safety and security. A well-lighted establishment will often deter suspicious characters from thinking of mischief while near your property. Night lights also keep those who are around your property, safe from accidentally stumbling or slipping.

Commercial outdoor lighting also has one other use aside from keeping people and property safe. It also helps enhance the beauty and atmosphere of your establishment. In some cases, you could have a better looking building at night just because you chose the right lights.

Different Bulbs for Different Uses

There are different kinds of commercial outdoor lighting. There are also different kinds of bulbs. Gone are the days when all business owners had to chose from were incandescent and fluorescent bulbs. Incandescent bulbs are rarely ever used outdoors because they are the least energy efficient. Fluorescent bulbs on the other hand are usually used indoors in offices. Commercial outdoor lighting bulbs can come in such types as metal halide, high pressure sodium or LED.

High pressure sodium bulbs can be used near sidewalks or pathways. They are very energy efficient and produce clear, strong light. This is necessary if you need to be sure where your next step should go to. LED lighting is also quite efficient and is perfect for focused lighting. You can use LED types for down lighting or highlighting an aspect of your landscape or property. Metal halide types would be perfect for semi-open parking spaces.

Outdoor Lighting and the Environment

The usual downside to commercial lighting is its negative impact to the environment. Commercial establishments unknowingly contribute to environmental pollution. Some types of bulbs still emit greenhouse gases. Certain bulb design types also tend to eliminate the night sky and unnecessarily provide glare to neighboring areas. On top of all these issues, there is also the problem of unnecessary energy consumption. Your lights could be eating up too much energy even when it doesn’t need to. If you must choose commercial lighting, they should be environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

There are several ways to prevent environmental pollution due to lighting. You could for example choose shaded lights or cut-off styles. This will ensure that you are only directing the light where it is needed like the ground or a statue. You could also choose low wattage lights and make sure that your commercial lights have timers. This is a good way to ensure that the lights turn off at dawn.

We should be thankful for commercial outdoor lighting. They keep both properties and people safe. It is important however to maintain responsibility over the environment. Choose only the most efficient and most functionally designed outdoor lighting.


Outdoor Patio Lighting Tip #1

Give your home a dramatic entrance with strategically placed outdoor lighting. You can use lighting to create a play between light and shadow that will enhance the detailed designs of your entryway.


Outdoor Patio Lighting Tip #2

Outdoor lighting can be both practical and aesthetically pleasing. It can enhance security by keeping access to your home brightly lit, while highlighting architectural features of your home.


Outdoor Patio Lighting Tip #3

If you have a swimming pool in your yard, you can design an outdoor lighting system to show it off. Your pool will look absolutely stunning with lights reflecting off the water.