Most of us have already heard of outdoor LED lighting. You may also have already heard that a lot of lighting experts recommend using LED over other light bulb types. It may not be directly obvious to many why LED is such a great option. If you aren’t sure about using LED, you should take a look at its benefits.

  • Outdoor LED lighting uses a very small amount of wattage compared to incandescent bulbs. Imagine consuming only 0.83 to 7.3 Watts. That means more energy saved and less energy expenses. LED bulbs would therefore be perfect for outdoor low-lighting used for extended periods of time.

  • LED bulbs waste a lot less energy than other light sources. This is proven by the fact that LED emits only minimal heat as compared to incandescent bulbs that easily become quite hot. The heat released during the lighting process is actually a form of waste and is of no use at all. LED bulbs are considered cool bulbs.

  • Outdoor LED lighting bulbs are very durable. They last longer than incandescent bulbs because they do not contain any filaments. That means they can withstand shock or shaking that would ordinarily break the filaments of other bulbs. They are also weather resistant and can be safely used in cold or warm weather. LED lighting can give up to 60,000 hours of light.

  • Outdoor LED lighting can be easily directed to one area. Other bulb types tend to spread light in many different directions. This is a waste of light that can even contribute to light pollution. Spreading light in many directions eliminates the light sky and bothers your neighbors.

  • Since LED lighting can be directed well, it is perfect for outdoor use. If you want to emphasize some aspect of your landscape or outdoor structure, LED would be a perfect choice.

  • Light from LED bulbs comes close to the quality of light that we enjoy in the day. This means you can see things better and clearer with less strain on your eyes. This is why LED lighting is also perfect for outdoor walkways and deck steps. They can help protect you and your family from accidentally slipping when you are outside your home at night.

  • Although outdoor LED lighting produces good, clear light, there are also bulbs that come in different colors. These bulbs also work well with dimmers. There is therefore no need to worry if you want to create a more dimmed, dramatic effect for your outdoor landscape.

  • These lights are safe and environmentally friendly. They do not contain mercury and do not produce ultraviolet light.

  • There are a variety of applications for LED lighting. There are bulbs for holiday lights, deck lights, garage lights, spotlights, outdoor lamps and many more. You can find a LED type light in any design that other bulbs come in.

These are only some of the great benefits of outdoor LED lighting. If you want what’s best for your home, environment and wallet, you should consider LED lighting.


Outdoor Patio Lighting Tip #1

Give your home a dramatic entrance with strategically placed outdoor lighting. You can use lighting to create a play between light and shadow that will enhance the detailed designs of your entryway.


Outdoor Patio Lighting Tip #2

Outdoor lighting can be both practical and aesthetically pleasing. It can enhance security by keeping access to your home brightly lit, while highlighting architectural features of your home.


Outdoor Patio Lighting Tip #3

If you have a swimming pool in your yard, you can design an outdoor lighting system to show it off. Your pool will look absolutely stunning with lights reflecting off the water.