Are you already thinking of outdoor Christmas lighting ideas? Thinking early about holiday lights outdoors is actually a good idea. You stand a better chance of getting bargains for quality lighting during the off season. Here are some great lighting ideas for those who want to buy their lights early.

  • Mini lights with 1.5 V bulbs are becoming the standard for outdoor Christmas lighting. Not only do you get to conserve more energy with these lights. You also get a far classier, refined look with small bulbs running in an outline around your home. Larger bulbs may have an overall dwarfing effect if they are all over the outline of your home.
  • On the other hand, C-7 or C-9 which are bigger bulbs than minis still look great depending on how you use them. There are even bigger bulbs now that are shaped like fruits. So add this to your list of outdoor Christmas lighting ideas – hang them on outdoor trees to make them look like fruit bearing trees. Larger bulbs though usually eat up more power and emit heat.
  • You can have better protected lighting if you use rope lights. These are strings of lights inside a transparent plastic casing. The extra protection around the lights can extend the lifespan of your lights beyond one Christmas season. The plastic case is also very flexible. This means you can better manipulate your lights in whatever shape or direction you want it to go.
  • Outdoor Christmas lighting ideas shouldn’t be limited to small bulbs in a series. You can also use colored or plain spotlights for Christmas. You can direct a spotlight on a decorated tree or on your festively decorated porch. In some cases, a good and properly positioned spotlight will be all you will need.
  • Save yourself the trouble of surrounding a bush with a string of lights. This can take a lot of time and effort. All you need for low-lying shrubbery would be some net lights. These lights are arranged in a mesh. You just have to drape the mesh over a bush to get a great looking outdoor decoration.
  • Don’t settle for plain lights on your eaves. Attach icicle lights instead. Some brands come with moving or fading lights.  At night, they would look like icicles that are about to thaw or drip. It would be a better idea though to use these lights only when you do not plan to surround your entire home with a series of other lights. Having a lot of different outdoor Christmas lighting ideas is great but having too many different kinds of lights all at one time is simply too much of a sensory overload.
  • Instead of just choosing any kind of bulb, you could settle for the LED type. LED is extremely energy efficient and is also durable. You can have a great looking decoration that also helps you conserve energy.

There are so many other outdoor Christmas lighting ideas. There is simply no limit to what you can do. Remember though that you should only buy safe and durable electrical lighting. Whenever possible, get Christmas lights that can help you save energy.


Outdoor Patio Lighting Tip #1

Give your home a dramatic entrance with strategically placed outdoor lighting. You can use lighting to create a play between light and shadow that will enhance the detailed designs of your entryway.


Outdoor Patio Lighting Tip #2

Outdoor lighting can be both practical and aesthetically pleasing. It can enhance security by keeping access to your home brightly lit, while highlighting architectural features of your home.


Outdoor Patio Lighting Tip #3

If you have a swimming pool in your yard, you can design an outdoor lighting system to show it off. Your pool will look absolutely stunning with lights reflecting off the water.