Outdoor solar lighting is one of the best ways to illuminate your outdoor areas. There are so many kinds of outdoor lighting, but solar lighting has a very distinct advantage. This article will show you what solar lighting is all about and how you can benefit from one!

Outdoor solar lighting works quite differently from other kinds of lighting. As long as there is direct sunlight in a particular area, solar lighting will work well. They don’t require any wiring at all and instead depend mainly on the sun. Once solar lighting stores enough energy, they are able to keep light on approximately 15 seconds after the sun has gone.

Solar lighting acts almost like a satellite. During the day, they store as much energy as they can from the sun. When night comes they start to release the energy they got, therefore you get lighting when you need it.

There’s even more to outdoor solar lighting. There are many kinds of solar lighting to choose from! They come in different styles, designs, colors, shapes and sizes. Let’s talk about the basic kinds of solar lighting.

Ground stake solar lighting is solar lighting that stands on its own like a post. This is great for almost any outdoor area in your property. You can place it at the entrance to your patio, in your garden or by the pool, as long as there is direct sunlight. Ground stake solar lighting can provide sufficient amounts of light in larger areas and can also make a great statement.

You might also want to decorate your trees with hanging solar lighting. You can also hang solar lighting by your balcony. This kind of outdoor solar lighting can add sophistication and creativity to any home. It can run just as long as other kinds of solar lighting and make interesting conversational pieces for your guests.

You need to consider providing safety for all your outdoor steps. It can get dark and it’s easy to trip and fall. To solve this problem, consider solar deck lights. These can be easily installed on the side of your steps or underneath. Whenever the sun goes down, these will automatically light up and provide more safety for you and your guests.

Another kind of outdoor solar lighting is the solar spotlight. This is perfect for highlighting garden statues and other large structures in your outdoor area. Solar spotlights also come in different designs. You can even find those that look like rocks to blend with your garden.

Now the advantage of solar lighting is that it is renewable. As long as the sun is there, we will have solar energy. Furthermore, solar lighting is eco-friendly. It also has a longer lifespan and doesn’t need a lot of maintenance. Finally, solar lighting is extremely easy to install, without those wires.

The only thing about solar lighting is that they are generally more costly. However, you’ll save so much more on power in the long run. As mentioned earlier, they are low-maintenance and last even longer than regular lighting. In addition to this, there are also low cost solar lights. Their designs and colors may be basic and limited but they are very practical, affordable for tight budgets and still have good quality.

There are many places to install outdoor solar lighting. Consider entrances to patios, driveways, garden pathways and darkened steps and curbs. Enhance your flowerbeds, patios, decks, pools, fishponds and fountains!


Outdoor Patio Lighting Tip #1

Give your home a dramatic entrance with strategically placed outdoor lighting. You can use lighting to create a play between light and shadow that will enhance the detailed designs of your entryway.


Outdoor Patio Lighting Tip #2

Outdoor lighting can be both practical and aesthetically pleasing. It can enhance security by keeping access to your home brightly lit, while highlighting architectural features of your home.


Outdoor Patio Lighting Tip #3

If you have a swimming pool in your yard, you can design an outdoor lighting system to show it off. Your pool will look absolutely stunning with lights reflecting off the water.