Outdoor column lighting is always a great option. Whether you have plain or artfully crafted columns, you can enhance the way they look and feel with the right column lights. Here are some great ideas to consider with column lighting.

Select the Right Lights

Outdoor column lighting isn’t restricted to one kind. There are different kinds of lights for different kinds of columns. Carefully choosing your lights can make a big difference in how your columns and property will appear.

  • Lamps are always a good idea especially if you have themed columns that match your home. Wooden columns in a cabin for example would look perfect with rustic lamps. An oriental inspired home on the other hand would look perfect with plain square columns and oriental lamps.

  • If you are not crazy for themed lamps and columns, you can illuminate your columns with down light fixtures. These lights serve more to welcome your guests discreetly than to highlight your columns.

  • Another welcoming kind of light would be lanterns or lamps on top of columns. Setting lamps on top of your column would look great if the columns aren’t any higher than a person’s chest or shoulders.

  • Another form of outdoor column lighting would be up lights. These would be great if you particularly want your guests to notice your column design. Carefully shaped and positioned up lights can bring out the best out of your shaped or decorated columns.

  • Recessed lighting isn’t actually a form of column lighting. You may however, use lights on the recesses of a half column that is set to frame your front door.

Control Your Lighting

You need to control your outdoor column lights regardless of the style of lights. Controlling or managing your lights can help you get the best for your columns, help you conserve energy and help lessen light pollution. Here are some ways for you to control column lighting.

  • Always choose outdoor column lighting with low wattage. They should also carry energy efficient bulbs like LED. This will ensure that you get to save on energy and less heat is released.

  • Softer lights are always best. This is especially if you want to use them to welcome guests or highlight a column. The glare of strong lights is simply too much of a turn off.

  • Buy column lights that have shades. This can help contain the light so that it doesn’t unnecessarily shine out towards your neighbors’ properties or out into the night sky where it can contribute to eliminating star light.

  • Column lights should come with timers. That is if you aren’t in the habit of staying up all night just to turn off your lights. If they are just for show, make sure that you set them to turn off when you are no longer expecting guests. Column lights that are on for the entire night until dawn consume energy unnecessarily.

Outdoor column lighting can really be a great idea. You do have to make sure though that you have the right kind of lights and that they are both energy efficient and environment friendly.


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