It would be great to have outdoor lighting home garden fixtures. There is absolutely no reason to reserve the visual appreciation of your garden for the morning. With proper garden night lights, you can savor every moment of your outdoor paradise. Moreover, garden lights also help protect you and your property when night sets in. Here are a few good tips when buying and using garden lights.

  • You might have a particularly intricate landscape or garden design. If this is the case, you would do well to plan your light placements along with your garden design. This way, you can easily plot the placement and direction of electrical wires. If you missed planning your garden lights in advance, it would be better to buy your lights after your garden is done and not during the landscaping process. This will cut the chances of you getting the wrong kind of lights.
  • Always use outdoor lighting home garden fixtures with low voltage. This is to protect you, your children, guests and pets. Low voltage lights are shock free and are thus safe to use.
  • Don’t forget to ensure that your garden lights are water resistant. You can make sure of this by specifically telling your retailer that you want garden or landscape lights. No outdoor light manufacturer will sell lights for gardens that aren’t water resistant.
  • You may have a small garden. In this case you could consider using solar powered outdoor lighting home garden fixtures. These fixtures harness the power of sunlight in the morning and use it to provide light in the evening. This is a good option because you get to conserve energy and eliminate the need for complicated wiring. You also get the benefit of automatic light shutdown.
  • Garden lighting is not the same as task lighting. This is just another way of saying that garden lights should be a bit subdued. Remember that you are out in your garden to appreciate it and not to work on your flower bed in the middle of the night. You should therefore refrain from using too many lights.
  • It is always more tasteful to hide the outdoor lighting home garden fixtures themselves. The light and not the light source should be visible. You can hide fixtures in rocks, plants and other garden items. You should however, avoid hiding them in places where the fronts of the bulbs could be covered.
  • Use clear, unimpeded light where safety is a concern. Garden pathways for example should be well-lighted by mini lamp posts. You can improve the directional focus of path lights and omit possibly irritating glare by using fixtures with shades and hoods.
  • Bring out the best of your garden by experimenting with the many ways you can use light. Some great light positions to consider are at the back of statues and in the front bottom of landscape figures. You can also try shadow lighting and cross lighting.

Outdoor lighting home garden fixtures can be a great source of enjoyment at night. You do have to remember though to use and position the proper kind of garden lights.


Outdoor Patio Lighting Tip #1

Give your home a dramatic entrance with strategically placed outdoor lighting. You can use lighting to create a play between light and shadow that will enhance the detailed designs of your entryway.


Outdoor Patio Lighting Tip #2

Outdoor lighting can be both practical and aesthetically pleasing. It can enhance security by keeping access to your home brightly lit, while highlighting architectural features of your home.


Outdoor Patio Lighting Tip #3

If you have a swimming pool in your yard, you can design an outdoor lighting system to show it off. Your pool will look absolutely stunning with lights reflecting off the water.